I have started teaching the beginning moves to a few of my clients. One lady, Myra, had tried Tai Chi at Lifelong learning and “hated it”. She was resistant to trying it with me. However, by starting with hold the ball, pushing chi & chi walking she has said it makes sense to her now. She was overwhelmed in the previous class and breaking down the movements has made all the difference. She can now do brush knee and ward off sequence and is excited to learn more.

I used the concept of columns with one of my male clients who tends to lean forward all the time. Today we practiced a modified lunge matrix where he moved forward, backwards & to the side. I taught him to move from his dan tian and his balance improved immediately.

The owner of my studio ran into a former client who had moved away. He asked what type of exercise the man was doing, & he said tai chi. He was very enthusiastic about it and now so is my boss! He is very excited that I will be offering tai chi to our clients.