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The Basics of Stress Relief

The Basics of Balance

Wake Up With Tai Chi

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Learn and Teach the Yang Style 24 Short Form.

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What others have said about learning AND teaching Tai Chi

“I really love the way you explain moves, and apparently, so do my clients... I used all the same terminology you used in your online sessions. They truly responded to everything that was said... I was approached by EVERY person in the class saying how much they enjoyed the class."

– Alicia

"Dianne, I love your program, I have tried a few other online programs to learn Tai Chi, however the way they taught it, it was very difficult to learn."

– Richard

"Thank you Dianne for developing this system and making this available to us."

– Debra

“The 'Open the Door to Tai Chi' program is an excellent approach to the understanding and application of Tai Chi...Dianne Bailey instructs with a patient and insightful approach to the various principles that comprise the core and form the foundation of Tai Chi."

– Robert

Your Choice to 'Open the Door to Tai Chi'


  • PERFECT place to start Tai Chi
  • 3 forms designed to help you feel your best…
    • The Basics of Stress Relief
    • The Basics of Balance
    • Wake Up With Tai Chi


  • ALL ‘Daily Series’ videos for personal use and to teach to others (w/updated membership renewal)
  • Learn and get certified in the ‘Yang Style 24 Short Form’
  • Access to private Facebook support group, allowing you to grow together and improve as a community
  • Option of additional private Skype sessions with Dianne (w/distinction certification)
  • Free admission to live, basic certification workshops.  These all-day workshops cover the material in the online certification and give you the opportunity to do the form in person with Dianne, ask her questions directly  and get additional personal feedback. ($100 value)