I have been interested in Tai Chi for many years. I was intrigued with the slow, rhythmic, flowing moves. I felt good just watching. I took a class at a community center and was hooked. I had taught myself a gentle form so that I could pass on some of the movements with my older clients. I tried to find a certification class in my area, but there were none. Then I attended a wellness convention in Ocean City, Maryland where I attended two classes with the topics geared to older folks. One was taught by Cody Snipe, and the other by Dan Ritchie . I added my name to their email list and started to get valuable information on this age group training. Then a wonderful thing happened. There was Dianne Bailey with the Open the Door to Tai Chi certification program! I was so excited.  I believe I signed up on the first day! What a exciting adventure. I practiced daily and progressed at my own rate. Moves where explained and shown, along with the principles incorporated in to every step. I love the way I can review information over and over.  I am now a certified Tai Chi instructor!  I have started incorporating Tai Chi into my ‘Biggest Winners’ group. Where there are no losers. The more you do, the more you win. They love the program. Stating they noticed increased balance already. Thank you Dianne, for this program.