Tai Chi Webinar: Helping Your Clients and Your Business.

*UPDATE/CORRECTION* The membership is now $120/yr. 

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The Open the Door to Tai Chi System and Certification

The system that will get you certified and help you create a Tai Chi class that will thrive!


  • Full Course to Learn to Teach TAI CHI
  • 24 READY FOR YOU Class Plans
  • 16 learning modules
  • Videos, PDF’s, and More
  • Basic ideas to help you set up your class structure and market it.
  • Certification
    • Ask questions to Dianne and other Certified members
    • Get new ideas, content, and help FAST
    • Grow and improve together as a community
  • Full Access to Video Membership site

Regular Price


(Plus $120 Annual Membership/Recertification*)

*1st membership payment 30 days after initial purchase


  • Everything included with the Basic Certification Plus:
  • One (1) 30 minute Skype sessions one-on-one with Dianne during your basic learning.  Be able to ask specific questions about form, application, or teaching methods.
  • One (1) 15 minute Skype test session to verify your knowledge and execution of the material.  You will be required to perform the form, teach the form and incorporate the concepts taught in the Open the Door to Tai Chi system.  This extra level of verification will provide you with the confidence that you know Tai Chi and can teach Tai Chi . . . and it will give your community the confidence that you have been certified by a Master instructor.

Regular Price


(Plus $120 Annual Membership/Recertification*)

*1st membership payment 30 days after initial purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! With the Open the Door to Tai Chi system, you can learn the form first with easy to follow videos. And then we not only teach you HOW to teach and WHAT to teach, but we also provide 24 fully completed class plans so you don’t need to waste time trying to organize your classes!

Tai Chi is a martial art that originated in China centuries ago. It began as a fighting form for the Shaolin priests, but then changed to its modern interpretation as “movement meditation.” The benefits of Tai Chi have been researched and proven to provide stress relief, blood pressure reduction, improved sleep quality, improved balance resulting in fewer falls, increased mental focus/awareness and many more.

No! All you need is a space to move! It could be in a recreation center, your studio, an assisted living center or even a park outdoors! All your students need is an engaging, interesting class that helps them improve their balance and mental focus.

The Yang short form has 24 moves. But learning the moves is only the beginning! Tai Chi is not a “horizontal” learning event where you keep learning more moves and/or forms. It is a “vertical” learning event that lasts a lifetime! The Open the Door to Tai Chi system teaches you how to bring the key principles and concepts of Tai Chi to your students so they keep coming back, year after year.

That’s why we have included the membership option. You will have access to Dianne and the community ,so you can get qualified answers to get back to your students! Tap into 21 years of martial arts experience and provide real time benefits to your students.

You could do that. But you will not be able to retain those students because they will quickly know as much as you do. You will not know how to create an engaging and proven class. The Open the Door to Tai Chi System will launch you as a true authority and will provide you with progressive and challenging class plans that keep your students coming back for years as they continually benefit from your teaching. Neither your students nor you will be enjoying the many benefits of Tai Chi like stress reduction and improved balance if all you do is teach the moves.

We teach the Yang style, 24 form which is the standardized short form.