East Meets West: Balance for Older Adults

Friday and Saturday Sep 20th-21st 2019, DENVER CO

In-Person Joint Workshop With Dianne Bailey And Dr. Evan Osar

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If you work with aging clientele, you know older clients need better range of motion and balance. To feel their best, to function their best, and to continue living a fit life! 


As fitness professionals, we need a strategy for teaching range of motion and balance that is based upon science and also is easy to implement into our current programs.


This 2-day intensive program is exactly what you need to learn the science of balance while incorporating the wisdom and practicality of Tai Chi.


Dr. Evan Osar, developer of the Integrative Movement System™ and Dianne Bailey, Tai Chi Master, have combined their 40+ years of experience into an incredible weekend learning experience.

*Help your clients with Range of Motion and Balance

*Learn ‘Hands-On’ from the Experts

*Earn up to 23 CEC’s/CEU’s

Limited Space Available – ONLY 15 PARTICIPANTS

Cost: $597

At this workshop, learn how to:

  • Easily assess your client’s current range of motion and balance strategy
  • Implement a repeatable process-oriented system for easily improving range of motion and balance
  • Integrate and teach these concepts as a part of a comprehensive Tai Chi program
  • Market to your community and develop yourself as a balance specialist and certified Tai Chi instructor (after completion of the online program)
  • Work with clients of any age and see immediate results in range of motion and balance

Who this is for:

  • Curious students who want to learn Tai Chi themselves
  • Trainers needing CEC’s and new ways to help their clientele
  • Business owner looking to provide a valuable and profitable service
  • Those who want to help the aging population

DAY 1: Balance Training 

  • Learn what may cause comprised balance as we age.

  • Understand the effects of poor balance on the adult.

  • Understand how the body balances based on the different type of pertabation.

  • Learn how to assess for balance issues.

  • Learn how to assess how the client compensates for decreased balance.

  • Learn how to use corrective exercise to improve certain type of compensations.

  • Learn how to create a balance program.

DAY 2: Tai Chi

  • Learn the movements and flow of the Yang style 24 short form

  • Learn the martial arts applications of each movement

  • Learn the underlying principles of columns, rotation, moving from the dan tian, substantial/insubstantial, being rooted and grounded, continuous movement and breathing

  • Learn how teaching these principles drives the benefits of Tai Chi

  • Be able to integrate the concepts learned in Day 1 with the principles of Tai Chi

  • Be able to include Tai Chi in their offerings for long-term balance work for their clients, either in classes or by integrating the concepts into individual training sessions

  • Be certified as a Tai Chi instructor after completing the online certification

About the Presenters:

Dr. Evan Osar

  • Dr. Evan Osar is an internationally recognized lecturer, author, and expert on assessment, corrective exercise, and movement. What makes Dr. Osar so unique in the fitness and rehabilitation industry is that he has dedicated his life to studying and synthesizing the very best information from the fields of rehabilitation, conditioning, and performance.He developed the Integrative Movement System™, the industry’s first assessment and corrective exercise strategy designed to specifically help the health and fitness professional work with the general population. The Integrative Movement System was designed to be seamlessly incorporated into functional training, Pilates, yoga, and sport-specific conditioning programs.

About the Presenters:

Dianne Bailey, CSCS, CTCI-1

  • Creator of the Open the Door to Tai Chi System
  • Certified Tai Chi Instructor, American Tai Chi and Qigong Association
  • 4th degree black belt Taekwondo
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
  • Owner, Head Trainer, The Conditioning Classroom
  • Industry speaker and Tai Chi specialist: FAI, Fitness Fest, International Council on Active Aging
  • Author: Eating Simply; Healthy, Happy & Fit;  Open the Door to Tai Chi . . . Tai Chi for the Everyday Person

Register for a Weekend of Live Presentations, Demonstrations and Interactive Workshop